What's in ur popup

Want to know what tools everybody has in there popup middle mouse button popup Just want to see what different people use the most

I use the “default.Visibility” for my middle mouse. Helps me to manager large scenes and assemblies easier.

Here’s mine:

Each button has multiple other functions on it (ie left, right & hold click) to make a whole host of my main operations easily at hand.

Interested to know what others use it for.

I’m a bit of a popup addict :wink:

Blimey! You’re not wrong there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to keep it basic …

I think the Rhino for Windows popups shouldn’t be in the Rhino for Mac category. No offence, I would like to have 95% of the tools I use all the time in a popup, close to where you are working.

Can we get fly-out icons in our middle mouse button popup?