What PC users get for big file sizes (6-8GB)

I relatively new to CAD I have some prior experience from highschool. But have not had to deal with the problems of serious modeling.

Running some test on system in anticipation of my drawing work I discovered my file size about 6GB in size!!! And that my computer could not manage it at all. Totally crashed all day long

I need a computer that can manage detailed design work. What do expert recommend?

What the heck are you working on that your file sizes are so big? Taking up 6 or 8 GB of RAM when opened, that’s easy for architectural scenes, but on disk?

I am working on greenhouses.

That number is just based on some test I ran projecting my needs.

Hi Justin- if your objects have repeated elements, consider using blocks for these-




Do you have a video example of using this tool?

When I have a large file AND do large renders, I can hit 10 GB easily. Files that crash are all about memory, so you can avoid crashes if you use the following:

  1. Windows 7 or 8, use 64 bit
  2. Rhino 5, use 64 bit (including any plug-ins )
  3. RAM: 16 GB minimum, 32 is good if you want run multiple apps

Avoid any 32-bit OS and apps. Your RAM / memory usage will be limited to about 3.0 GB. Anything larger = crash!