What is the Phantom Object type?

I have been working on a tool to convert Rhino documents into Unity scenes, in which level of detail is handled automatically. After some reading I found descriptions of all listed object types except for Phantom objects.

Question: What are phantom objects?

I don’t know anything about coding but I think "Phantom " is referring to surfaces with some trimming issue which, depending on the camera point of view, shows a surface randomly. they could be sometimes selected by using the SelBadObject command.

I’ve moved this to the Developer category so the right audience sees your question.

Thank you - I’ll be sure to use the developer category going forward.

Could you tell me how to create an example Phantom object so that I can test this?

Sadly no. it happens randomly and I culdn’t reproduce it on purpose yet. is like an error while modeling. Some cases is easy to spot on. others are almost impossible to find.

Phantom objects are custom Rhino objects that are not saved in the 3dm file. They are pretty rare in general and are used for things like temporary widgets on the screen.

They have nothing to do with surfaces and trimming edges

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for the answer - definitely seems like a thing I would not make sense to export.
Could you direct me to some documentation so that I can learn a bit more?

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– Dale

@dale @stevebaer I’m new to the forums so unsure how to do this: how do I create a bug report for this incomplete (as of version 7) documentation?

Hey @services,

The easest thing to do is just report it here on Discourse.

– Dale