Phantom Object

I have some routines written in RhinoScript for drawing some obejcts. These obiects are boxex and with a little form where the user input the X, Y, Z dimensions I draw the element.
Now I need to store some information to each object, like code, description, material, ecc. I would like to use the phantom object to store these informations, I read something in the forum, but I did not found any example. From what I know, the phantom object is a type of object that is present in the SDK, so I need to understand more about it.
Any information and example should very appreciated.

You may want to store the information as user text on the object. This will get saved with the file.

Hi Steve,
thank you for the prompt response. I know that there is this chance, but the problem is a little more complex. I try to explane: in my drawing I have to take two or more objects (they are always boxex) and adding them to a group. So, at the end, I have a group in which there are these boxes, and I have to store my information to the entire group, not to a single object of the group, but to all the group, and in this case the SetUserText does not function.
To resolve this problem I also thought to use a dot where to store my information and then add the dot to the group, but, in this case, I have another object that has nothing to do with my drowing. For this reason I would like to use a phantom object, if it is possible to do.
Thank you.

I’m not sure where you got information about phantom objects, but we highly recommend not using them. There really is no reason for these objects anymore since they were primarily used in the past to fix a bounding box display bug that has been fixed for a long time.

Are you writing a plug-in or a RhinoScript?