What is the different of two plugin of layout manager?

Layout manager and Real drawing?

Anyone know that?

Real Drawing is a new and developing plugin, Layout Manager is old, not supported and never likely to be updated again.

Layout Manager still works OK, but looking forward to using Real Drawing once its up to speed.

thank you very much!

What else are you looking for?

– Dale

First and foremost would be the speed. Opening a file with the low less than 100 layout took a while to populate in Real Drawing.

I find the create Layouts from Boundary invaluable - typically with option to use object name as layout name. I can grid out a series of rectangles with object names and have 100’s of layouts rather quickly, the interface quickly deletes and is ready to go again if something went wrong (the LayoutManager is wonky on the scale mm/inch conversion).

Have you tried the current build?


I am not familiar with this. I take it this isn’t a feature fo native Rhino?

– Dale

i’ll give the current build a go this weekend.

This is the plugin by which i’m benchmarking and has the handy feature i mentioned.

Hi Dale!
I also find invaluable the feature of creating layouts from boundary. I use since long ago LAYOUTMANAGER (plugin for Rhino 5)
But now that I use Rhino 7 I wonder if it is not yet a Rhino 7 feature?


It’s not a feature in RHINO 7. Will it be considered in the future? (the feature of creating multiple layouts from boundary as @Rickson described it)

Hi -

I’m afraid there isn’t all that much information in that description, if you ask me. It might be obvious if you use the plug-in.
From the sounds of it, you can just run Layout, activate a detail, select the object you need and run Zoom Selected All. What’s more to it?

Hi @wim

Yes, but this way only works if you want to create layouts one by one, in the case that you have to create more than 300 it would be very time consuming.

The best example to show how the LAYOUTMANAGER feature works is in the first two minutes of this video.

That’s more or less my workflow. Hope this helps clarify the point and get an answer as to whether it is possible to integrate this feature into rhino (it would be freat)

Thanks in advance

Hi, @dale and @wim
Could someone answer if the feature I mentioned could be integrated into Rhino 7? … or maybe Rhiono 8?
Or if it is possible to run the LAYOUT MANAGER plugin in rRhino 7

You should ask the developer.

– Dale

and for Rhino? is it possible to integrate this feature in the future? :slightly_smiling_face: how can I make a request for this?