Feature request! Layout


We do a huge amount of layouts for each model for workshop drawings and client drawings - sometimes as many as 50-60. it would be great if there was a way to group the tabs in some way a little more like the layer tree.

This way we could have top level tabs and layouts within these. it would save a lot of clicking left and right through the layout tabs, and keep the perspective tab within one -click reach at all times.

I may be that there is some way of achieving what we’d like with current functionality, but thought I’d ask in any case.



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Is there an official way to request a feature? feels like this one has vanished without a trace…



Hi John - I got it, thanks.

Many thanks Pascal.


@john11 - have you seen this?

Does this help in any way?

– Dale

It sure does! I hope this keeps getting developed :+1:

Many thanks Dale,

This looks amazing, just what I was after.


Probably being thick, but I’ve double clicked and installed the Realdrawings RHI. how to I activitate this in rhino itself?

Many thanks,


You should run Layouts Show in Rhino, Or:

Perfect! Thanks Mahdiyar,


We’re really enjoying using this plugin, its fantastic.

One thing that would make it even better would be up and down arrows (like in the layer tree) to move selected pages and change their order.