Moving points in Rhino but the related geometry does not change dynamically

Hi everyone,

I have two points which exist in Rhino. I then add them as x and y to the Grasshopper and connect them as a line.
However, when I am holding the points with mouse click and move them, the line is not changing accordingly.
the change is took place once i release the points.
I want to preview the change of lines/curves when i am moving the points
How to solve that?
Thanks in advance



You can’t get that, the points are updated when you finish the operation with the gumball.

this makes me sad :cry:

But you can use the mouse cursor to create a point using a scripting component and update it constantly with the [Timer] component.

Intersect this line with an XY plane using the mouse screen coordinates or the viewport control coordinates (I don’t remember which one it is now):

thanks. i will go into it :slightly_smiling_face: