What is the best way to join open, curving surfaces

Points Rhino Help.3dm (3.4 MB)

I have been developing a complex roof form using grasshopper for a university project. I used a set of points and then interpolated curves between them to create curves that I could then patch to get the surface I want. I used this method so that I could change each point through the design of the project.

I have the final form that I want, but the surfaces do not meet exactly. I am aware that patch does not really generate precise results, but it has worked for the development so far. I now need to get as precise of a model as possible for final documentation of the project. Ideally, I would like them to match perfectly. Could someone please help me to find them best way to do this?

I have a good handle on the basics of rhino and grasshopper, but I do not yet understand either well enough to fix this problem. None of my many attempts have been successful. Any advice, tips, or suggestion are welcome. I will attach a .3dm file with the points and a .gh file of how I got to the patched surfaces.
Points Rhino Help.gh (44.2 KB)