¿What is the best way to export to STL?

I dont understund why there is too differecene between rhino and stl. :frowning: There are several zones are missing

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doce catrocer.stl (712.3 KB)

I add the Rhino file

Please post your Rhino file.

The STL is a mess which probably means that the original Rhino file is also - the top 6 blocks have not been properly unioned with the base which is producing a lot of non-manifold structures. This is probably why Cura is unable to fix it so it has one simple volume to print correctly.

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you has it just above

The file above is the STL.

Do you have the Rhino file before you exported the STL?

It’s a *.3dm file

But all blocks are made the same way, however the first blocks not shown

this is correct:

seccion PARA IMPRESION 3D-mayo.3dm (3.2 MB)

Your objects do not intersect, therefore cannot be joined.

You need to extend the ‘blocks’ so they have clear intersections with the base profile

can you show me a example?

The large green base object has an internal surface which you have to delete.

How did you create the green base object? It has numerous naked edges and short segments which I would try to avoid.

I fixed the base for you. I rebuilt some of the surfaces with Sweep2.
The knobs can be fixed by extending the surfaces like I showed in the video

seccion PARA IMPRESION 3D-mayo.3dm (2.4 MB)

Thank you very much Martin! now I understand, right now I have little time to check how I made the design, then I’ll tell you the details.