What is the best plugin / component to export multiple objects generated by GH to multiple Rhino files?

Well, it wouldn’t be such a pain if GH could natively export the geometry it generated.
I managed a workflow with Elefront, but it is very inelegant :

-I bake the objects , each with a name that identifies in which file it will go
-Then I reference the baked objects and I filter them by name
-Finaly, I generate the files with the “Export objects” component


One persons trash is another’s treasure. I <3 rhino, gh and the various plugins. These processes start out ugly but with progressive refinement get quite gorgeous.

Don’t reference them manually, use one of the dynamic reference components from Elefront (first tab).
If you rigth click on them you can activate auto update so you don’t hae to manually update the reference !

Hi Antoine,

These dynamic pipelines tend to freeze my canvas…

mmh never got that problem here yet…
Even when the auto update is off?

Err… if the “auto-update” is off, then I might as well reference them by hand, right ?

no, you just have to click a button and it will get the desired geometries !
It’s maybe 4 or 5 sec faster :upside_down_face:

Can’t you iterate over your bunch of objects so that you run the script once per bunch?

I didn’t intend to give you a final solution, just to give you the pieces to assemble as you like.

I wonder why GH couldn’t export geometry directly without having to bake in Rhino.

Hi Dani,

Well, I thought there was something out there already, but none of the plugins, or your script do what I want : export geometry generated in GH.

I don’t really know
Did you try Pancake?

This component seems to export without cooking

edit : Ah yes, same problem as Lunchbox, no layer colors

Interesting. I’ll see if it can export each branch as a file.
If not, it’s just as good to bake and export by hand…

My script does that, bake and save gh geometry.

But dude, use anemone or other to iterate in your branches and run my script per bunch of geometry. Why this doesn’t work?

The “Dude” goes to the lowest hanging fruit, specially when he’s so pressed by his boss.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it out.

The ability to edit baked Objects in Rhino in the final % of a project is one of the massive advantages of Rhino, then say Catia.

A have changed the tree access to list, just put your groups in branches and remember to set a name for each branch. Hope it works.
SaveAs3dm.gh (10.2 KB)

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Thanks Dani,

I have to run for now.
Did you see that I added some test data in my first post ?

You can use Pancake to export with Layer colours.

If you create empty layers in your current Rhino document and give them the atttributes that you want (colour, line thickness, material etc.) then when you export with Pancake the new files will take the attributes of the existing layers (as long as they have the same layer name).


I need to get back to desk to find the details, but I recently wrote a GH for a customer to export 1100 parts from a project into individual named STP files, ordered by layer into folder structure. Sounds like it might be useful in this case too

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