Direct GH export to dwg

Do you know any good way to export complete dwgs?
I have tried TToolbox2 but it won’t export text or dimensions, and I’ve tried Lunchbox as well but it makes the canvas freeze.
Anyone having some experience in this regard?

I’ve used EleFront to export tons of *.dxf files. You need to keep in mind that geometry needs to exist in Rhino somit can be exported. I don’t think a direct export exists.

At the moment I’m exporting geometry with a script in a macro. @Helvetosaur posted a few very useful python scripts.

Thanks Martin. I am looking for solution that does not require baking (to avoid an extra steps).
I have tried Elefront too but it needs object’s GUID so it returns me to baking process.
Can you share that macro so I can try it myself?

I cannot share the macro as I’m not currently at my computer. Please use the search function for batch export related posts by @Helvetosaur

He shared a few python scripts which can be used in a macro…