Create a parametric geometry, bake and export with different file extension (stp, igs, stl...)

Hi everyone,

As a beginner, I struggled a lot to create all the variations of a component with this procedures:
-create the geometry with different body and do boolean operation using GHPython
-bake the geometry to have it in rhino
-save the geometry in a specific file with a specific name

Now that I succeedeed by mixing all of the differents information I found online, I provide an example file to realize parametric design and to export it with different file extensions and filename as well.

But I still wonder: isn’t it an easiest way to generate all the components for one family of component using rhino or grasshopper?

The python script used in grasshopper can be found here
and the alternative script in txt (to copy paste in a GH component) can be found here
An example of what I created using this script is shown here.

Let me know if you have good hints to improve those kind of practice.


It seems very interresting but my pc (windows 10) consider this file as dangerous !

To avoid those kind of behavior from your computer, I added a .txt file which will not be seen has as treat by your system. All you have to do is to copy paste the content of the component in a Python GH component and change the path (line 34) to match yours :wink:
Let me know if you have any trouble.