What is 'Clean Raytraced'?

hi,I am a blender and rhino user too.I am so so so so happy to see it.大佬!请收下我的膝盖!!Orz!!I noticed the clean raytrace.what is that.

If you mean to ask what is the Raytraced display mode:

It is the Cycles integration into Rhino 6 (and later).

Not sure what that means, I’ve not seen that before. So you’re just dragging the material from the material editor onto the viewport?

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emmmmm.I captured it from your first video at 2’11’’.

Ok, that is just very slow update of GUI after clicking the viewport mode. It is one I created from the original Raytraced mode with slight tweaks. From your screencapture I thought you meant something was dragged from the material editor that made this happen.

hhhhhhhhhhhhh,sorry…and thank you so so so so so so much!

You’re welcome. Enjoy Raytraced in Rhino :slight_smile: