What is best way to scale and orient two meshes?

having aligned one mesh up, I introduce a second which has a ruler on it, I need to marry the two together without moving the first.
I cannot lock the target odbject layer as the command needs objects to be selected.
Now if it was an object with corners then we can snap to corners and use Orient3pt command.
however both have organic shapes, being photogrammetry even of an item that was steel and a few coats of paint over the years, pitting etc.

If I see a paint dot on it, I need to make that location a reference point. Likewise a hole. corner of a bolt etc.
if I draw a circle over the dot, in ortho view, and project I get a circle until I look in perspective then its a wacky shape !

if I select the three ref points on the one mesh then despite the layer visibility being off, and the ref points grouped to the mesh, I am then blinded by a dark grey mass of mesh and unable to see the target points !

Just what is best way to create the reference and target points that can be clicked on and allow Orient3pt to work ?


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Why don t you use some software like Meshlab ?
(not the latest Tutorial… but shows the basics… for sure there is a better source…)

there was a very powerful software Gom inspect - you still find some older installers but not on the official side (company got acquired by Hexagon / Leica).

quite sure there is some plugin / food4rhino that can do this as well.

if you want to stay with pure rhino commands:
there is also

kind regards -tom