Best Fit Two Objects with More Than 3 Points

I have two separate point clouds that were scanned at different times, illustrating changes in the work. My objective is to superimpose the scans by using target reference points, which are located identically and were acquired during each scan. While Rhino provides the “Orient3pt” function, this command does not yield the precision I require. I am in search of a feature that enables me to select all points (more than three) and perform an optimal fitting for a comprehensive alignment. Does anyone know the existence of such a command or script?

Hello- Orient3pt should have all the precision you need - - my guess is there is fuzz in the placement of the three points, maybe?


I think Pavliek is looking for something like this fine registration in Cloud Compare

meshlab can align point clouds also.
search for 3D data alignment or registration

and quite sure there is some plug-in on food4rhino ?

Pascal, using Orient3pt has shown to be + - 1/4" in every attempt. My max tolerance is + - 1/8". This is possibly due to heat expansion and other variables during the scan process, so when I extract the point data, I need to make a best fit to increase the accuracy by splitting the differences.

cdordoni, yes, that is exactly what I am trying to achieve. While I can utilize the current software to accomplish the best fit, it demands a significant amount of additional effort and ends up being inefficient. To be able to achieve this within Rhino would not only result in saving several hours but also enable me to optimally fit my structures for applying existing condition trims to that specific part.

Hi Pavel -

If you could post or upload a 3dm file in which the reference points are clearly indicated, I can write up a wish-list item.