What is 3D model?

I am writing to make my report of project and stuck up what what is 3D modeling and who gave a scientific defintiion of 3D modelling. I am also wondering which type of rendering technique Rhino has and which coordinate system is it using?

Hoping for the support. Thank you.

– Dale

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That is very generous of you Dale. One of the things that makes this forum without compare.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I already browse through the WikiPedia, but looking for the scientific definitions for the 3D modeling in context of Rhino.

I guess you can combine the below regarding 3-dimensional space, and
3D model as representation of object through mathematical computation, either in solid or surfaces.
Rhino uses airtight closed surfaces to represent a solid, though I guess it’s not really a solid but a hollow closed surface…

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