What influences dimension line thickness when exported as ai?

have tried making dimension layer 1mm print preview yet importing the ’ exported selected as ai ’ file into Photoshop its gossamer thickness still.

Also says fonts not known but at least I get to see numbers of some kind.


Rhino’s AI exporter does not export any print width layer or object setting currently.

Thats a real pain, as I have to hand draw every dimension line back in in photoshop !

Is this going to be fixed in V6 ?

bit archaic having to hand draw every dimension in.


I don’t think so.
There has been some discussion if we could abandon the old AI file format in favor of PDF. It seems that many people use AI for other needs where line width isn’t important or desired.

Have you tried PDF in V6?

There is a command under Select/Stroke Thickness to select all dimensions in AI.