What happened to AxB component?

I recently migrated to Rhino 6 and so far enjoying the new environment.
I have a crazily complex GH definition, but it’s working without modification except that I needed to update Human.
However, I found that AxB components are all marked “OLD”. I’m okay to replace those components with the new one, but am wondering what happened to such a simple component.
Is there anything that I should aware of about the behavior of AxB compoennt?


Depends on what the script was generated on. Sometimes subtle changes happen, like additional type support like fields. This may or may not change the way, a new component will behave in your situation.

Generally, if a component is marked “old” GH will use the outdated implementation to make sure, your script continues to behave as ltended. You can update the component in place via the context menus.

The multiplication just got reworked, so you can have multiple input. Same as addition and subtraction. You old ones will still work. Not the other way around if you open your gh 1 file in gh 0.9

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Thank you for both. I figured it out! If you zoom in you see + marks and you can add additional inputs. Another difference is if you don’t feed second parameter, the old one outputs ‘empty’, but the new one outputs just the first parameter.