Multiplication for GH RH6 in GH RH5

Please make MULTIPLICATION for gh RH6 command operational for RH5. It is a pain in the ass open new definitions made with new multiplication alg in RH5 and get this components lost in translation

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you may want to use expression component, as simple as that

Tell that to our 20.000 students


Subtraction and Evaluate Surface are needlessly incompatible as well. Then there is Relay:man_facepalming:

Hahaha kidding eh?

I don’t think any more development goes into Rhino 5. It is unfortunate some things don’t work from 6 going to 5 but also those component had core changes in 6 (the same things happened between Rhino 4 and 5). I think we need to keep in mind that Rhino 5 is almost 9 years old (time flies), Rhino 6 is almost 2 years old and Rhino 7 is already on it’s like 20th WIP revision. They have kept things running somewhat smoothly between versions a lot better than most software.