What do you think of this hw assembly?

Hello rhinos! I am about to buy a brand new comp, mainly for modelling and GH purposes. so here is what I am planning to buy:

Asus z97-p m.2 support
coolermaster n400
crucial 8gb ddr3 1600mhz-9 ballistic support total 32gb
crucial ssd mx200 120 gb (just for main programs and os, I have other storage for other needs)
intel i7 4790m (3.6/4.0 ghz)
nvidia gtx960 2gb gigabyte miniITX
22" samsung s22d300hy 16:9
thermaltake berlin smart b630w 80+

all for 1250€ more or less, which is my budget.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Something I should exchange for something else?

Thanks all!