What command to move items out (perp) from surface en masse?

I wish to select all items and move them outwards on my surfaces just a gnats whisker and the move must be along surface normal, i.e perp to surface.

How is that done ?

Ideally also to be able to move them same amoutn back in again when visuals done.

Its to overcome the fact that lines etc seem to be sinking into the surface.

(and I wont be ever using again BringForward !)…maybe BringOutward if it exists.


If they are curves and you just want to move them out from the render mesh, OffsetSrf, just a little, and then Pull to the result may be one way out.


Hi Pascal,
Are you suggesting rather than move the curves, on the surface outwards, to bring the surface (offset) inwards, sort of same thing really, its just that the surface is accurate and the lines projected to it not so, I want to keep my surface ‘as is’
When I type OffsetSrf it asks for surfaces so I presume this is what is suggested.

Not sure then on pull, as I used pull to put the objects onto the surface in some instances in the first place, so we then are back with one item sittng ‘IN’ another item each of no true thickness. If only the items sat a tad outwards they would be seen.

A day ago just one or two rivets were disappearing, now I have what you see in the jpg, hopeless after all my efforts, the only difference is I have used BringForward on some dims and lines , and as time went on with that task, things sank in more, as if the skin was moving out as well though i never selected it.

The command MoveForward has no idea what direction forward is, what I need is in front view ‘MoveToMe’, in back view its Move from me or not at all, but MoveForward only sees its mission as always ‘to me’ hence I see things I dont want to see in perspective or back view.

needs a MoveOutward choose direction command instead, then all this would be sorted.

I cant go moving surfaces so what else can I do , just need to move the items out a tad on the surface normals.

Are there any controls to adjust the display of the skin in Shadow. I recall render mode has ways of tightening up skin.

Desperate to fix this, lost an entire day so 3am beckons yet again.


No. I’m suggesting that you offset the surface outward, slightly and Pull the curves to the offset. The pulled curves will be clear of the original surface.


So as not to harm my original surface, if I clone it, group it, then offset srf lets say 0.01mm and select all the curves etc and pull to that offset surface, then delete the grouped surface, job done :slight_smile:

Will the pulled items still sit on their respectibe layers, or are they seen as new items and all fall onto whatever layer was ticked ? I need them all still under layer control and with their various names 7mm port, 8.5mm stbd , rivet centre lines etc.