Move an object normal to a Srf Dir

Is it possible to move an object normal to a surface direction in rhino? I know we can move control points normal to srf but I would like to move a closed polysurface normal to a surface. If the command does not exist I would suggest mcneel to write it because It can be very useful.


draw a line with option Normal? or if its already touching the surface and you aligned the object with OrientOnSrf for example, then using the gumball would move it along the surface point normal.

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Yes that’s one solution. But I have to manually move 50 objects with a normal line and it is not very efficient. Maybe this can be done in grasshopper? (I don’t use grasshopper but I want to learn soon) I would like something like a Move UVN slider to move objects (not only control points).

Is something like that you need ? :

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Exactly that is what I need. Is that a native rhino command?

Unfortunately no, it’s a plugin tool for jewelry.

But may be i can do it for you if that can help to save time, just post your file ( or PM)

Which plugin? I did it manually in the end but thanks a lot :+1:
Anyway I think this should be possible in native rhino or at least automated in Grasshopper. If anyone from Mcneel could read this post it would be nice.

@pascal @DavidRutten

You can automate it in Grasshopper. Are you asking about how to do it, or are you asking for a component that does exactly what you want?

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he wrote

maybe you can elaborate how you would do it, as an intro for him. i was cracking my head apart trying to find a solution without hopper i did not find anything usefull besides the very basic suggestions on top.

If you want to move all the objects the same distance, you should be able to offset the surface by the distance and then use flow along surface (rigid=yes) to move them from one surface to the other. I didn’t try it out but it should work.

@kiwi, here’s a basic python that will do what I think you want, minus the nice interactive preview. (2.0 KB)


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With Gh, will need some different set up to use your geometry.

move pipe (11.0 KB)

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So that can be done in Python too… Thank you Pascal!
Is it possible to save that command and assign a button in my toolbar? Or I have to load everytime? Or maybe this should be done with another script… :sweat_smile:
Should I learn Grasshopper, python or rhinoscript? Or all of them? :sweat_smile:

Thank you!! I will take a look at your file and try to understand how you did it soon!

Hello - use

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double quotes"

on your button.