WISH / HOW? - Move on Srf / After [ OrientonSrf ]



It has probably been asked before, but I couldn’t find (except for a few mentions in the RhinoGold forum), it’s there a way to “move objects while maintaining it’s orientation to the normal of the surface it is oriented to”, after it was put there by [ OrientonSrf ], [ Splop ] or any other way?

SP - Brasil

(Joaquin Laborda) #2

Hi Diego,

What I use in this cases is first smash for the surface you want the objects aligned.
Then flow along surface for the objects you want to align with history and rigid option, this way you can move the objects over the flat surface and see how they look on the original surface.



Yes @laborda, we already work with Smashed srfs sometimes, but smash its not perfect, for things like spheres or complex trimmed surfaces, or polysurfaces (I work with jewelry design, sometimes things get crazy or messy) this would be extra work, or nearly impossible.

If you could “MoveNormaltoSrf” directly, it wouldbe perfect.

(Joaquin Laborda) #4

OK @diegodx , in this case I think I add my vote for this feature, specially for the polysurfaces.
I made a lot of jewelry some time ago, and when the shape was so complex like a sphere I extracted a porsion of the surface with split with isocurves before smashing it. But from your comments you are looking for a faster method.
I’m sure this could be possible, lets wait for a developer answer… :wink:


(Pascal Golay) #5

You can use OrientOnSrf with the OnSurface option- it is not perfectly clean and transparent like dragging, it is a few steps for each move, but it does work.



Thank you very much @pascal! Realy awesome, its works perfectly!
It will solve all my needs on the matter of orienting and positioning obejtcs on surfaces.

Can I ask why was that option hidden? Do I need to start another topic to discuss why there are several useful things like that in Rhino that are just buried there behind a hyphen? Where can I find the list of commands that have hidden options like that?

( I’m sorry to complain so much, I’m actually very happy for the solution you showed me :smiley:)

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Diego- it is not really hidden, you get this option when setting the base point for the Orient.



Exactly! You are 100% right again.

I understood the “option-” in your reply, as the hyphen, and then found the “OnSrf” option…

I said “hidden” options, because I remembered the comand -_ViewCaptureToFile. When you type the " - " before this comand, you can set in the comand line some options that by clicking RMB in the Viewport Name > Capture > CapturetoFile, you cannot, (size, grid and etc…) and thougth it was the same kind of situation.

And sorry to insist, but I’m still curious to know if is there a list of commands that have “extra options” when the hyphen is typed. Or I didn’t pay attention again, and the options are already there…

(Pascal Golay) #9

I don’t know if there is a list - none that I know of. I agree this should be avoided however…



Thank you very much @pascal and @laborda.
Have a nice weekend!


Hi @pascal

Once an object is placed o a surface using Orient / On Surface, it’d be great to be able to then move the object in real-time across the surface by dragging it. Do you think that we can do this somehow, or is it a function being considered for v6?


(Pascal Golay) #12

Hi Sach- the only thing that comes close that I can think of is OrientOnSrf again, with the OnSurface option - but that is not as clean as what you are asking.



Yes, would be extremely helpful to have some history so that you can move the object across the surface by say dragging it once its been positioned using the Orient On Surface command…