What command to map a photo onto a surface and have it go beyond the surface into open air?

I have a photo of an emblem on an engine cowling. I have created the cowling with surfaces and offsetSrf and edged it to have a solid for a previous project.
I can either export the edges (other post) as a drawing in 2D, which isnt quite the true surface area, and use the distort tool in photoshop to fit the photo as best as poss to that, then draw accurately the emblem, or I am wondering, could I map the photo onto the 3D model, picking various points on the photo and corresponding points for them on the model and have rhino do a ‘rubber sheet with photo on’ job and map it to the cowling, then I use a trace on surface tool to trace the emblem. then smash that trace flat (how also is such a ‘smash’ done on a curve line)
Unlike decal command this photo is of the cowl and the grass beyond etc.
This way I get a true trace as its on a slight compound curved surface, it will be a more accurate sized emblem when drawn than the photoshop method.

Does such a method exist of picking points on the photo and same on the model and seeing it get attached, and photo sticking out beyond the cowling as if it was glued onto a scale model in the cowling area only ? Perhaps one has to trim around the photo leaving just the cowling and if so in what prog etc and what file format is it saved in ?

This would be VERY USEFUL in establishing emblems and other markings on aircraft for scale modelling and full size uses., flight sim skins etc.

Any links to seeing it step by step video would be edge of seat viewing !


Hi Steve - you’ll want to look at UVEditor and ‘Unwrap’.


I google youtube and uv editor rhino v5 and see a wood handle, so the image is totally applied to the object, though my photo is of grass as well as cowling as mentioned. so what happens to the non cowling part of it ?

Unwrap I cant see on youtube. its in help but I need to see someone using it on my type of photo.