Apply an image in hexagonal object

How can apply an image around a hexagonal object?

For example, a landscape photo.
The image is placed, but it is totally messy.

Check it out:

Does anybody can help me please?

Thank you

Hi Kelson - you’ll need to apply some custom mapping with Unwrap It can take some messing about but you can manipu;late the unwrappewd mesh as needed to get the image where you like it.


Hi Pascal

Thanks for your tip.
How can I rezise the image or the surfaces in order to match them?


Hi Kelson - move, rotate, scale the polygons on the image to modify how each face is mapped - you can turn on control points for the polygons as well and distort how they lie on the image - I think you are almost there.


What is the name of the tool to make this modification? I cant see it.

The yellow square on UV Editor it is not editable here.

Hello - with the editor open as in your image (it looks like) , you can manipulate the mesh rectangles on the image - do you see the mapping update as you edit the flattened render mesh?


Pascal, I see the update when I move, but nothing happen whatever changes I make on editor.

Hello - never mind that control for now - there is another control open for the UV editor with a Cancel and Apply button - just directly manipulate the flattened meshes and then click Apply.


The control of UV Editor just manipulate the big image, not the small yellow squares. I need to edit each small pieces because some are different position, upside down, turned, etc. Any other idea?

I can’t imagine that it’s so hard just to wrap an image on a object. Should be a simple task. :confused:

Hello - I don’t think it is so hard - when you start the editor, you get something like this:

You manoeuver the meshes so that it looks how you want:


Yes, but how can I edit the meshes? Where is the control? I did not find :confused:

Hello - there is no specific control - you select them and Move, Scale, Flip, Rotate Gumball etc - do whatever you need to get them in the right place.


Hi Pascal! Finally I got it working. My gumball was off, this is why I could not do anything. After turn it on, all working now. :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

Now I am trying to make it 2d for printing it (UnrollSrf), but the image do not join it. How can I make it 2d with the image ?

Hello - I think I’d UnrollSrf (Explode=No here, I’d say) then do the mapping trick on the unrolled panels.


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The problem is to do mapping again. I’d like to do directly from the 3d automatically. Do you think it is possible?