How to map a photography on a face in Rhino


As i wanted to try to modelise quickly my face in Rhino, i used a fre software, based on ia, that can, from a photo of your face, modelise your face, using the phot, in 3D. it gives an obj file.
I imported this on my Rhino, and tried to convert the mesh, onto solid closed polysurface, but, as there are a lot of triangles, my computer is crashing.I would like to know how to: map my photo in the good surface on rhino, and, what is the best and quick way to do this, please?
As i am using Rhino and Vray for design and architecture, i am not used to map photos in rhino or vray, as, in vray, i am using the materials of vray, so, i don’t know nothing about mapping with uv.
And shure, the scale is not good, but if i give a taller scale, the file is too big to be dwnloaded here :slight_smile:
Thanks so much to help me! :slight_smile: Visage3D8janvier2021.3dm (12.3 MB)

Hello- there may be some cleanup work to do but QuadRemesh (in V7) with SubD output may get you something usable. Use SplitDisjointMesh first, and isolate the outer mesh of the face to remesh.
But in general, ‘converting’ meshes to surfaces is a long and tedious job requiring some good surfacing skills. It is not ‘quick’.


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Thanks so much! :slight_smile:
Well, i only have the commercial license of Rhino 6, and, as i am working with unreal engline too, that it seems good working with Rhino 6, i am not shure i will change my rhino, until Unreal Engine and data smith goes good with Rhino 7.
Well ,i think i will have to modelise from zero, as i began to do, in order to have something clean :slight_smile: