What command to lay out planar objects for plan creation?

I have a 4 sided triangle box formed of 1.01mm thick sheets (for plastic card) with caps both ends and wish to lay it out to print a cutting plan from, to cut the card then glue and make good.
is there a command to take this crude assembly and flatten it out ?

box gate resin.3dm (156.7 KB)


Unrollsrf (with Explode option to NO)

you may need to use the Unjoinedge command to a couple edges to get the layout you desire.

ShowEdges command will highlight the naked edges that you unjoin

that explodes the single sheet of plastic !
My plastic card sheets styrene sheets are 1.01mm thick, 6 of them make up this box.
I need the 6 sheets laid out so as to lay it onto the plastic card sheet cut around each 4 sided object and end up with 6 pieces to glue together.


You can sub select the surface from the polysurfaces you have with Cntl+Shift - Select, then use the unrollsrf on just the surface you need.

If you have a wide variety of these a grasshopper script that oriented, numbered and dimensioned would be ideal.

Hi, firstly I try ctrl shift and select one surface from each of the 6, then type unrollsrf and it asks me to select surfaces !
so try again, type unrollsrf and hit enter, I then use ctrl shft and select the top and it vanishes as if the selection fails but it says creating meshes.
havent selected the remaining 5 yet !
as such nothing appears,

try again, and again.

each time that top surface gets selected then unselects itself, so I select it again, continue to select the other 5 and hit enter but nothing happens.


Some ol’ plugins from R5.

re_box gate resin.3dm (219.7 KB)

It only allows one unrollsrf at a time, hence it asking to select 1 after selecting 6.

I dont use grasshopper though.


Depends on the workflow you are trying to achieve, if its a one off you can use the file i attached above.

I can see myself making these pouring vents again and again though.


The orient command would work in this case as well. Allowing you to select an object, pick two reference points on the object, then 2 points to place (in this case planar xy)