Laying Objects Flat To Plane For Fabication


Newbie question: is there any command like UnrollSrf but that objects will not unoll completely but rather flat to a plane for 3D CNC fab … ie retain their polygon properties … this is driving me insane :

Hi Sammy,

I’m not sure I completely understand your question, but if you want to “unroll” a mesh (polygons) you can try the Squish command.

Beware, Squish is a WIP so to speak and doesn’t use the same algorithms to unroll as UnrollSrf.


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Hi Sammy,
Maybe I understand your question incorrectly, but if you want your modeled geometry to retain its volume and you want to reorient each one individually to the world construction plane, Orient3Pt is a very nice command and will allow you to do this with a great deal of control. This command has to be run for each object separately.


It works !! Brilliant thanks ! :smiley: