What command to intersect a surface with a mesh?

I have a surface (made from extrude curve) that runs into a mesh, that I need to intersect with the mesh.
I run Intersect, select the surfaces, but only the surface is selectable.

I try MeshIntersect and it asks me to select meshes to intersect, not mesh then surface.

How do I get an intersection of this surface and a mesh ?



Why not meshing the surface, just temporarily?

This would technically not give the same result, as the result would depend on the density of the mesh. Maybe using a very fine mesh for the surface would be good enough, however.

Make a copy of the mesh before using MeshTrim or MeshSplit.

Turn the mesh into subdivision to find

If the mesh is not too large, use ToNURBS to create a polysurface from the mesh, and then Intersect or IntersectTwoSets the surface and the polysurface from the mesh.

If the mesh is large then Mesh the surface and use MeshIntersect.

In V7+, MeshIntersect should work with a surface - the render mesh will be used.