Intersect / Mesh Intersect


Is it likely that the Intersect command will ever enable Mesh input? Or that MeshIntersect would enable a surface to be selected? (in the same way MeshbooleanUnion etc. allows surface input which is then meshed for the purpose of the command)

Seems like it would be intuitive for Intersect at least to accept mesh input.

Hi Jonathan - the code for mesh intersections and booleans is undergoing a complete overhaul for Rhino 7. Allowing mixed input has been discussed frequently as part of this project. @piac would be able to give you the latest status of that.

Thanks Wim. Sounds good!

Hi @Jonathan_Hutchinson1

yes, you are not the first one to notice that. RH-52515.

Right now we are working on the core of MeshIntersect and MeshSplit commands, which have been rewritten in their geometry part in order to make them more stable. When/if MeshIntersect and Intersect are merged, probably after Rhino 7 release, there are other commands that would have to go though the same process similarly.

EDIT (addition), because someone asked: right now, MeshIntersect is in a more advanced stage of development; MeshSplit is being worked on in WIP.

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