What can you do with C#

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mine is just a question, to understand what I can expect from my approach with C#

programming with C# for scripts to be used in Rhino by creating RHP files, I was wondering if with this programming language (if I understood correctly it uses RhinoCommon libraries) it is possible to replicate all the commands that are used in the Rhino toolbar, or there are sectors where is it not possible to use it?

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It’s not really the language that can block or not. There are 3d applications written only in Javascript.
C# is mature and has a lot of existing libraries, the RhinoCommon library is really well done and defined, with a few exceptions all Rhino C++ functionality is in RhinoCommon.
So the short answer: you can do anything with C#.

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thanks @kitjmv for reply

3d applications in Javascript, some examples?

https://web-cad.org/ or three.cad also ShapeDiver can be considered.
Going to Github is filled with applications of all kinds and in all programming languages.
for example https://github.com/topics/parametric-modelling