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a question inherent to code development
program in C# using Visual Studio
or with Rhino8’s C# script editor
they have the same potential
or are there any limitations?

What are you actually trying to do? Have you looked through the Guides?
Rhino - Guides (

Or samples? (nav bar at top of that page)
Or sample code (Robert McNeel & Associates · GitHub)

If you want to write scripts using RhinoCommon, start with the embedded script editor and go with it until you hit a problem it can’t solve.

If you want to start building plugins or tools which run RhinoInside or other more complicated things, then open up a session of Visual Studio and have at it.

If you started out in the embedded script editor, you’re not going to lose any work: C# is C# (mostly*) so it’ll be a lot of copy/paste if you decide to upgrade from scripting to visual studio for a given tool you write.

*see for example the 4.8 vs 7.0 core differences, but that’s not something you should worry much about given the question you asked.

Thanks for the reply @Nathan_Bossett

I asked this question, since I started years ago with VBS and then first moved to Python and then implemented it with RCommon. subsequently I already started to get closer to VisualStudio and therefore to create a plugin (but I’m a beginner). so I was wondering if it would be better to switch to Rhino8 C# or continue learning in VisualStudio if first has limitations. (Your answer seems to confirm my doubts)

The scripting environment is certainly less powerful in the long run, but not in ways that will handicap you if/when you decide to move to Visual Studio.

Also, the scripting environment can be really fast and convenient versus recompiling something in visual studio when you’re experimenting with something that can be done as a script. Even if you plan to compile a product in Visual Studio, when you’re trying out a RhinoCommon code solution to a user flow the scripting environment can make iteration very fast: when you’ve got a flow that works then it’s time for copy/paste.

Feel free to ask for more details if and as you have any specific questions- McNeel has examples posted for most things you’d probably like to do from plugins to Eto UI elements.

edit: although apparently in Rhino8 it is no longer possible to create scripted plug-ins

right, quite an advantage anyway

in fact the last things done, I was just playing with the Etos using RCommon in Python :+1: