What are the system requirements needed to run Rhino 5 efficiently?

Hi. Whats the minimun VIDEO MEMORY needed on the graphic card to run Rhino 5?

What sort of things are you planning on doing in Rhino that will use VRAM?

Hi Jhon thanks for responding.
Im a University teacher and architect. Ive been using Rhino for years, and I Im trying to set it as the default 3d modelling tool for my classes. I need to check if our computer lab is capable of holding Rhino. So basically we will be doing architecture student projects. I need to establish all the specs for the computers needed to use Rhino.

I’ll switch this over to the Hardware category.
There are several people here very interested in the details of hardware that will bee for more useful than I.

I also edited the message title.

Thats great. Thanks for the help John.