Minimum GPU requirements for Rhino 7 om Mac

Hello everyone,

Been looking at the hardware requirements for Mac, but it doesnt say anything about VRAM.
Anyone know if this setup will be able to run Rhino 7, if i upgrade memory to 16GB?

I am 99% certain that it will run on that hardware, even with the 8GB of Ram. Of course that says nothing about how fast and reponsive it will be. That said, we had quite a few of the Late 2012 iMacs here in our architectural office and they used to run Vectorworks and the like just fine.

So it all depends on what you want to do with it. If you are creating, modelling some geometry and want to do basic rendering it will be fine. If you want to create huge architectural models and want to do raytracing and the like, you should probably get something beefier.

512Mb VRam… not much to run on.

I realize that. You think it will cause lagging and choppiness if i avoid huge architecht models?

True, but if you are doing no texturing it will be plenty for a lot of usecases of Rhino.

You just have to try it out, but I am pretty certain there is no hard limit where it will just refuse to open or something like that.

Probably. I can’t run V7 on my 2010 Mac with 512 Vram (can’t update the OS anymore), but V6 runs OK. It may depend on what changes they made for the V7 display stuff.

Probably more…

Just curious, which gpu do you have?

There is a free 90 day evaluation version of Rhino. Probably best to just try it on this computer and see how it performs for the type of models you work with.

I think the same as you or nearly so - an Nvidia GT 6-something. I’d have to boot up the machine to see.

Got the machine, installed, and opened at fairly complex model, no issues so far, still only at 8GB memory.