Best specs to run RHINO

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Hope you had a great holiday season. My question is the following: what are the absolute best specs possible (RAM, hard drive, processor, video card) that will allow RHINO to run at full capacity? Is it simply the video card?

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This is a common question here, so there’s a lot of answers. Take a look at the “Hardware” category. (see category list at upper right of Discourse screen. It’s the icon with three horizontal lines next to the magnifying glass)

The overview is:

The answer to the question of “Where to allocate my money?” hinges on exactly what you are going to do with Rhino and what else you want to do on your computer.

  • Rhino is mostly single threaded, so the fastest processor and RAM is good. Quad core is enough unless you will use a renderer that can use more.
  • Video card needs to be good with OpenGL - usually means Nvidia Quadro. The more CUDA cores and video RAM the better, although if you are doing smaller jobs, you don’t need as much as someone modeling large skyscrapers or mega-yachts. Other replies may have issues with this opinion. Many think Nvidia GeForce cards work OK and are a better bang for the buck. I have Quadro K4000; works great.
  • Hard drive isn’t an important player since most jobs are read into RAM and stay there until finished. However, periodic saving can get annoying on large files in which case a Solid State Drive might be worth the money.
  • Amount of RAM depends on how big your job files are. These days 8GB is probably the minimum considering all the other stuff you’ll have running. I get the feeling from what I read here that 32GB handles even the big jobs, but maybe that impression is out of date.

Good luck with your research.