What are the chances of Command Line/Window to be improved?

  1. The current one takes up too much of the screen real estate in my UX.
  2. Can’t lock it when undocked, which when misclicked leads to accidental window movements.
  3. When docked, can’t resize it horizontally.

My ideal solution would be:

  1. Get rid of the border of the window completely when undocked.
  2. Have a variable translucency option for it.
  3. Have an option to lock it when undocked.
  4. Have an option to make Command Options completely unclickable, to avoid accidental misclicks during commands when working fast.
  5. Have an option for it to be @ cursor position when command is entered (like Dynamic Input in a well known CAD s/w). In this case Command options could be selected with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel scroll and click. Command Window is there just for history and feedback.

My current setup (yes, I have 200+ command aliases that I remember by heart and never use any command icons. Left hand is always on either keyboard or space pilot, right one holds the mouse.):

I think Rhino UI needs to be completely redesigned. maybe this is not a popular opinion, but some ideas from mine =

1.remove command line and change it to floating small window with sliders that pops up only when a specific command is called. this will increase modelling speed dramatically. user can have option to adjust it with slider.this will allow for maximum working space area and less typing. especially for WACOM user, we hate typing… :see_no_evil:

2.and command history can be displayed as a little floating text at the bottom of the working space. if we double click it, it will pops up another floating window :hear_no_evil:

3.context specific Menu = with modifier (Shift or Alt or Ctrl) + RMB to pops up most common tool used depending on what object that is currently selected (Other 3D package hav this for years) :anguished:

4.HUD (Heads up Display) as floating text that contains information about common object properties. this will save the need to go through properties tab. :yum:

its time for RHino to get a make over and make it look less like “Cad software” and should look closer to “Design suite” software. :sunglasses:

also white background by default is the worse. it causes dry eyes… :dizzy_face:

here is my current setup. (I use MMB to pop up all menu so I can access all command without having to type any alias or Shortcut) but still I dont like how it looks. so perhaps Rhino Dev Team can come up with cool-looking UI :relaxed:

Perhaps you should start paying for your software before coming with wishes?


@Runnie, You are really direct, which I like a lot. I do think Rhinoceros needs to improve UI, perhaps entirely if I suggest only I compare Rhinoceros to every single goody shown in other software. However, I disagree some options you’ve suggested. Actually I didn’t read them all. I stopped when you talked about Wacom tablet. Rhinoceros is not built for artist, it’s built for builders. Why bother if you are capable of using diverse software? Getting rid of command typing is RIDICULOUS. I don’t know how many people around you even use Rhinoceros, but I guarantee that very small number of people will prefer your “idea.” Unlike feature improvement, UI is a complete different story. You should have known that different people have different taste. You don’t like cad looking interface, but there some others do. I’m not trying to against you. In fact, I don’t really care what Rhinoceros UI looks like as long as I can easily adapt into it. What is more important is what Rhinoceros is capable of. I guess you use AD products not because of their UIs right?

I assume that you posted something like this is because you were from AD software or have more experience on that side, which I totally understand.

My question is what is the point? Those are selfish “wishes” unless you can provide strong reasons to change or improve?? Like, a ton of people are suffering because of lack of development? Plus, I think Mcneel goes for what industries ask for, not for hobbyists like us. So, I would zip my mouth unless something really bugs me a lot. In addition, why not providing solid evidences that you or others need certain features?

As one of Rhinoceros contributors (Sorry, I started using Rhinoceros before V5 released, during late V4. One semester lab+summer or winter time, perhaps one thing I regret about my life is that I knew Rhinoceros too late), what we can do before asking features is buying license, spread Rhinoceros to your circles, or even reporting a bug?

Or like me, talk to a SW guy saying SW sucks after showing a model made by Rhinoceros?

I don’t know. After getting support from Mcneel members mostly (Mcneel Asia), it’s all about appreciation at least to me. This will last FOREVER.

And thank GOD, @Asterisk at least you didn’t list your company in your profile, it would be really embarrassing if I got hired at your place. :v:

Interesting that we have two people posting in this thread, one who only enters commands by typing and the other who doesn’t want to type at all… :smile:


Yes. I guess that represents the user base rather well and it has been like that since day 1.

You can dock the Osnaps in the same line like the commands:

The problem with an average user is that they either don’t know better or generally too lazy to tailor their UI to for themselves from default. As Steve Jobs once said:"…A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them." and I don’t agree with him on alot of things.

After couple of minutes fiddling with my command window I managed to dock it as you suggested. Thanks! That saves a little bit of headache. There’s still wasted space though, but oh well.

@wim @ARCHHOLIC maybe I do for 7 of them, and maybe you just assume too much judging from some random online screenshot.

Yes, there are a lot of “average users” of Rhino out there. Be that as it may, there are also those more advanced users who feel comfortable typing - I’m one of those also - and those to whom a keyboard is a foreign object. Who’s right? Both and neither. What’s great about Rhino is that you CAN custom tailor the interface a great deal - more than pretty much any other CAD software.

Also, to the points in your first post, in the past I have also asked for the possibility to have the command line pop up at the cursor (hopefully without borders).

I was hoping the Mac version would end up like that - it started out in the right direction with the command search box, but unfortunately, the implementation turns out to be poor IMO. The command search always pops up in the upper middle of the screen no matter where your cursor is, and the options in a dialog somewhere else, generally where you last left it - so not necessarily under the cursor. The dialogs are in general far too big as well. I guess that’s “Mac-like”… Oh well.


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^ I absolutely agree and I’m not for redesigning anything currently, just for adding a little bit more options.