Wish for pipe tool

Any chance you could have a rectangular option. With adjustable side options of course. It would make a nice addition to the toolbox.


Hi Dennis -

As you may know the cheap way to get this now is to make a pipe and ChangeDegree to 1 in the ‘around’ direction.
FacetedPipes.3dm (134.9 KB)


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You can check out this thread for a Python Script for Square and Rectangle pipes.

Did not know that! Still, it would be nice to have a rectangular option in the command itself.


Hi Dennis - it would need to be another tool - any non-circular shape would need to have some UI to orient the shape, and maybe other UI to place and orient more shapes… it gets a little more complicated than just Pipe. But yes, potentially a handy tool.


Oh, well. Probably better then to stick with sweep or loft then.