Curve piping

I’m applying a curve piping (4 sides only as I wanna have rectangular section). In my case, as you can see attached I have a rectangle and I would like to rotate the section 90 deg. in order to have the edge toward inside/outside the shape and not like now. Basically now my section looks rhombus nor square.
Any idea how to rotate that 90 degrees?

thanks a lot as always :slightly_smiling_face: Annotation%202019-12-05%20123819|690x363

Crearte a square with the desired orientation around the rail. Sweep1
Square Pipe Ex DC.3dm (285.8 KB)

sure sweep1 or many other tools I know can help, but this has nothing to do with the functionality of Curve piping…
I guess it is not twist-able as such option is not visible under curve piping…

Did you use the Pipe command? If so how did you create a square cross section?

no it isn’t. I don’t think it was ever designed for what you have in mind.

It’s been brought up before and indeed it would be helpful to control the “twist” of the profiles, especially if you try to do rectangular one.
Here is a post with extensive and good suggestions. Somehow the YouTrack item by @DavidEranen there doesn’t work though - I hope this one is still one the heap as this tool really has a lot more potential.


It’s still on the heap, yes. I’ve now opened RH-33374 for public consumption…

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thanks Gils,

yeah I was thinking so. However it is a great way to create rendering of thousands of lines thanks to “curve piping” procedure while having the file size super small and speed light fast. Honeslty I have nothing to complain but… rectangular section is as important as the circular one nowadays :wink: so nothing against if Mcneel takes this option into consideration @pascal
Now it works too, but looking a bit strange for close up renderings tho.
Cheers everyone

@Alex I assume you want it to rotate 45° not 90°

yes :slight_smile: