Well ,after boolean, mesh gets mess

Tried before making it Mesh or after making it mesh from polysurface
So ager several times blowing my tiny little brain I come to conclusion I need help…
So was on the stackechange one fellow friend send a message and Im here I got the file as well with me thank god for dropbox…
So in the file after theres a mesh perfect condition no bad surface or anything but I need to do engraving as well so I can save from sending it away …
Also would love to hear some 3d print mesh options like really nice and smooth 3d print examples because the first one I made was little bit rough .
I do talk to much I think here is the file after boolean split from the poly surface to the mesh or from mesh directly both of them gives errors .

Pretty please

hi @mete, not shure if i interpret your post correctly and why you posted this in the openNurbs forum, but i think the boolean fail is caused by only one letter in your file. I´ve found this out doing the boolean operations step by step, then got the letter which somehow caused the failjure.

Once the letter was repaired (_Explode, then _FitSrf the denser looking wall surfaces and _Join to closed object) the boolean worked and meshing was possible. The repaired letter is attached below.

Letter.3dm (278.8 KB)


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Thats very kind of you thank you so much !
I have already right it down the steps you given and will try to do it with other letters .
Could you able to give me a tips about a better smoother surface after 3d print?
I mean which settings are you using the build the mesh?

Hi @mete, after you have fixed other letters, you might check as well that there is a litle gap between the litle dimples and the inner ring wall surface. I think they are very close to each other in your current design, which can be problematic if the printer resolution is not fine enough.

This depends on the 3d-printer you use and it`s minimal resolution. For example in the settings below:

you could still lower the maximum edge length if you feel it is not fine enough. Note that the higher the mesh face count is, the longer it might take to process the file.


Oh well I might call back the order then hehehe

Curiostiy would u able to explain me why minimum initial grid quads is 32?

they said its solidscape thats what they using…
But before this one I design another ring and scale down to 3 percent as I requested white 9k
so this time I scaled up that much and expecting to come out perfect with the shrinkage…

@Mete, the helpfile can explain this much better than me, in all languages. To get right to the command context help, enter the command _Mesh then press the F1 key. This will open the helpfile / mesh page. At the bottom of this page, click on the link for Detailed Controls. There is a good explanation of all mesh options including Minimum initial grid quads.