Boolean Mesh Union fails


Hi everyone!

i have a Problem with mesh boolproblem.3dm (6.6 MB) boolean Union!
i try to bool two meshes together, but wehen booling them together the mesh disapperas partially…

i Need to bool few meshes together, so that my model is one big mesh in order for 3d printing…

anyone knows whats the Problem here?

(Pascal Golay) #2

The problem, I’m afraid is with the MeshBU itself- I’ll run it by the developer but I think the thing just may not handle disjoint meshes or even multiple meshes with multiple intersections.
Hmm- I see the size is very small for the units and tolerance - I’ll dig a little more into making this work.



the strange Thing is, that under blender the boolean Union worked…

this is issential atm to cut my model in 10x10 cm piecces to print it with a 3d Printer…
;D damn…


As a workaround for now, do you have nurbs geometry you can boolean properly prior to meshing?