Surface breaks after Boolean operation

i have an issue with a ploysurface that breaks after Boolean difference operation.
one of the surfaces seems to be there but it looks transparent at places.

  1. increase the file resolution
  2. explode the poly and join back again
    3 . other types of boolean
  3. mesh it and work with that
  4. same results on rh5 and rh6

any ideas ?

Hello - most likely the edges are self-intersecting or just breken - please post the objects before the Boolean operation if possible. You can probably fix the surface using

  1. ExtractSrf
  2. DupBorder
  3. UntrimAll
  4. Trim with the curves from 2.


thanks Pascal but sadly it doesn’t seems to work
i have attached the file if you have any ideas

breaking surface.3dm (1.8 MB)

That usually indicates some sort of “invalid” surface–not actually identifiable as a bad srf in rhino, but something about it makes the program unhappy. try to rebuild the base geometry w/ planes or capping an open polysrf before boolean differencing it

it could be so…
As im working with polysurface that were morphed by “flow along a surface” and a lot of them…
but if i have to work around it so the geometry is simpler, i fear it wouldn’t get the desire effect.


Hello - the s-shaped thing is messy - you need too look closely but there are loops and stacked - coincident - control points - is that thing created as is or was it deformed at some point from a simpler original?


thanks - i can see it
it was deformed (flow along surface)