Welding Hood

I’d like to model a specific brand of Welding Hood (scaled way down from life-size). I’m not sure how to approach the design in Rhino. I would also like to un-fold it for a template. Any suggestions are appreciated. I haven’t a clue how to draw the outline on the surface I’ve started (solids), then cut out the unwanted areas? Looks like I would be considered a total novice.

WH.3dm (170.1 KB)

you can try with something like this

Having one reference could be tricky, but making simple surfaces and tweak with the control points you can get some decent shapes



Interesting, thanks. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I am at a loss of the process. So are you somehow tracing the .JPG? That would do the trick. It doesn’t have to be a prefect replica model, but should be symmetrical, otherwise I’d scan it. I’m going to machine this out of aluminum (minus the extruded lens area) and naturally do some manual hand work. I also wanted to make a template if possible (at least of the profile, minus the extruded lens area). Would you mind telling me the process? I understand what the 3 commands do that you listed. What command would I use to do trace welding hood (green line in the grey box)? I’m not sure how you generated the surface used for trimming? Is it a extruded Polyline? If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn’t be asking for help.

the modeling consist in two main curves, one for revolve, second for triming. the green ones you see are just Naked Edges of each surface as viewport configuration.
The image is placed as wallpaper in the perspective Then I drew some lines and adjust the perspective to the wallpaper orientation, aproximately.
Those main curves are in the YZ Cplane ( right view) , the revolve axis is along the Z axis
The Marked ExtrudeCrv in the image, is to get a little surface margin prior to trimming based on the revolve resulting edges ( just half revolve) .
The example you posted is also good to that. just draw a curve as you describe in the right view, then use the command _WireCut to get a “solid trim”.

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Thanks very much Diego.