Create a hood

Hello! I can’t figure out how to get the general shape of a hood by extruding curve 1 following the guides of the other curves; when working on the half, the result of the birail or extrusions is weird! thanks for your help!

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Try this!

In your instance, as you have two “flat” upper curves (actually, you have only 1 you need to model), you may have a variation on this theme, as you generally wouldn’t merge flat areas into curves areas in a single span. But the principle is the same.

as there seem to be ruled / planar section i would do a polysurface composed of:

(1) red _extrudeCrv
(2) yellow/orange planar Surface (trimmed)
(3) violett _filletSrf _blendSrf

try out those suggestions and if you need more help, please share a rhino file.


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