Weld Mesh Edge problem

Hello, I would like to report this potentially unwanted behavior in Rhino 7:

If you used “Fill Mesh Hole” and then you wish to use Weld Mesh Edge on those unwelded edges around the filled hole, for some reason when you intend to unwrap the mesh and select the option “select only unwelded” those edges will be also selected and considered still unwelded.
Even though “Analyze → Edge Tools → Show Edges” will not mark them as unwelded.
Therefore if you use the command “Weld Mesh Edge” you will face ‘problems’ in the unwrapping process.

On the other hand, if you use Weld mesh vertices on the vertices connected to those edges, they will be really welded and it will work as intended. (They will not be selected as unwelded anymore).

Hello- thanks, I see this - not for all edges that I welded but it seems at least one is selectable in Unwrap.
RH-66541 Welded edge leaves one