How to select unwelded edges only?

Hi All
Is there a way to select unwelded edges only? When doing UV mapping, it would be nice to be able to select only the unwelded edges - usually needed when aligning/fine tuning (render-)meshes. I’m sure it can be done in GH, but would love a selection filter, so that I can just window cross select and pick up only the unwelded edges.
TIA, Jakob


Hi Jakob,

Looks like this script by @clement does the job:

I agree it would be helpful to have it native in Rhino as a filter, +1.

Also, most of the time when I select mesh edges I want to copy/extract them, and seems like there is no way in Rhino to do that with preselected mesh edges (or is there a way!?).
(EDIT: duh, there is a way, just Copy InPlace the selected SubObjects…)






I would love to see this feature / filter / option.

and it would be really cool if it is integrated into
as an option
(curves, edges, unwelded / welded )

this would be really great for repairing complex polysurfaces or for final trim of the main surfaces for modelling with complex fillets… (i normally build some kind of “fillet-skeleton” and trim the surfaces to “fill” the regions of the skeleton)

Thanks @Jarek
Did search, but missed that one! Should be native, but this is great! thanks again :slight_smile: