Show unwelded edges?

Hi all,

Is there a RhIno command for ExplodeAtUnweldedEdges? or a script for it? something I can use without code?



I don’t know of any other than the one in the RhinoCommonAPI, but perhaps someone else knows.

// Rolf

Hi @gustojunk,

The Explode command uses the same underlying function.

– Dale

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Hi Dale, is there a way to see I welded edges in a different color? and it much thicker than the other edges? It’s really hard to visually see the slighting thicker edges on a very complex/dense model.

I’ll try again explode and inspect if I have an I welded edge somewhere holding things together, because explode is not working.


Hi @gustojunk,

There is no option, in the advanced display mode settings, to draw unwelded edges with different color. That said, given a function that detected unwelded edges, you could create a conduit to draw them differently. Let me see how hard this is.

– Dale

@gustojunk - can you toss me a useless mesh I can test with?

– D

here: it has some unwelded loops and some unwelded ‘almost’ loops, which is what confuses me.

useless_mesh_gf_200923.3dm (59.4 KB)

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Hi @gustojunk

Load the attached plug-in in a run ShowUnweldedEdges.

GustavoTools.rhp (124 KB)

I’ve also created an issue to provide a in-the-box solution:


– Dale

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hi Dale,

This is awesome, exactly what I needed!

We went form this…

to this:

I’m so spoiled, it’s almost embarrassing.

Thanks so much!


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I thought there already was a way in Rhino to do it without a custom plugin from Dale (yes, I am officially jealous of how spoiled you are Gustavo!)

Custom color only works if the first color (Wireframe color usage) is set to Use Object’s color. If custom color is set there, all other edge types follow, which IMHO is a bug - Rhino should still allow to customize these, even if we override the main mesh color.


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@gustojunk - happy this works and we got what you wanted.

@Jarek - it’s good to be jealous.

– Dale

So is the plugin result different than what’s already available in Adv.Disp. Mode? (see my screenshot settings). I can’t tell the difference…

Hi Jarek,

I think you are showing ‘naked’ edges. And this plugin was for unwelded edges, that is a different thing. Unwelded edges are the edges when smoothing is not being averaged to both sides of the edge normals. But they are still joined together and make a watertight mesh. Does that make sense?

this shows naked edges:

This shows the unwelded edges (not naked, fully dressed):

A naked edge would be the edge between your pants and your shirtless torso (naked part). An Unwelded edge would be the seam between your pants and your shirt (not naked). …sorry, I’ll walk myself out.


Hi Gustavo, did you actually try the settings I am showing?
They are not naked edges, I am pretty sure they will show what you are after, without being spoilt by the custom plugin :wink:
(I can clearly tell my naked edge got bigger due to quarantine…) Line Thickness = 7.



So am I, but I might be confused. I’ve added a note to the YT item.

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I also think it is that. The screenshot from @Jarek wasn’t maybe the clearest, so here you go