Weld Function in Corel in Rhini

Just wondering if there is a command like Corel’s Weld in Rhino. I know there is one for meshes so the name might not be intuitive. I have a lot of simple curves I need to merge for laser cutting and to trim, & join will take a while.

As you can see in the image, the overlaps are trimmed & joined by one command. Hoping there is a similar command in Rhino to stop a lot of importing between packages.

Hi @des
You’re looking for CurveBoolean. Select outside of the shapes for a complete boolean, click inside each of the overlapping areas for specific regions (and note that the prompt also has the option to not combine those regions).
HTH, Jakob

You are a legend Jakob, thank you, I just couldn’t jag the command name :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick response, you have saved me so much time.