Weird right-click bug is still there

So that weird right-click-not-working bug is still around and I finally found a good example that works reliably.

There were a lot of posts about it on the old GH forum and it still happens every now and then. Usually it happens if you have a simple button that triggers some script in Rhino or elsewhere outside of GH.

Probably GH never receives the mouse down as it looses focus during the pressing of the button.

This is the example file that comes with Anemone and at the very end there is a button that launches a link in a browser. Press that and once you return to GH right-clicking no longer works, which also means panning no longer works.

Since there is no more UnloadGrasshopper it means you have to restart Rhino every time it happens.

Maybe its worth fixing the button so it always automatically finishes even after losing focus.

What do you think @DavidRutten?

Thanks for fixing soon and once and for all :wink: (112.6 KB)

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the issue with these steps. The web browser opens to show that “Copy” has been discontinued and when I then switch back to GH, RMB-clicking still works fine.

Hm, that’s weird. Happens every time I do it. Also happens for other scripts, especially when its running a rhinoscript or anything that is outside of GH. When I go back to GH no more rightclicking or panning.

Could it be Mouse Driver related? I hope its not the 3DConnexion driver, since we can’t live without it. The mouse I am using is a Logitech Master MX.

Its super annoying as you can imagine. For some scripts I have to either live with restarting rhino after I have run it. Or use a toggle instead and just let it run multiple times and hope it lets me turn it back off by double-clicking at the right time.

just found another workaround. Using the RCP to publish the button to it and then trigger from there.

The bug has been happening since I started using Grasshopper, which was back in 2012 or so and it has come up every so often.

If you have been using (some of) the same hardware all this time, I suppose it might be worthwhile to change that and see if that makes a difference.

Okay, I will try it on a different machine. The problem is though that the 3D mouse is essential to our workflow and I dont think we even have a machine that does not have the driver. But I will try to see if I can find one somewhere and report back.

It’s still happening. I have uninstalled and removed the 3d Connexion device, but it is still happening.

Just now I had it with the Lunchbox Object Save component. After triggering it I can’t right-click or interact with the Grasshopper viewport. The only thing that still works is the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and the middle-click menu.

I still think that it is related to Mouse events in Grasshopper when something in Rhino is triggered. Object Save triggers the save function of Rhino, so Grasshopper loses focus as soon as you trigger it. I think it looses the focus and GH doesn’t get the mouse button up event.

Since now I don’t have any special mouse drivers installed I am really stuck as to what it could be. It happens on 2 machines here.

Hi - I can give it another try with your definition using the LunchBox component but it does sound rather system-specific. Perhaps @DavidRutten has any ideas.