Mouse click not working

I have had issues with mouse clicks not working in Grasshopper today. I am using build 1.0.0007, in Rhino 6 (6.10.18279.17351, 10/06/2018).

When this happens I can still click on things in the main Rhino workspace, but not in the grasshopper workspace. I thought at first it could be my mouse. But the buttons on my trackpad lose functionality at the same time as the mouse.

I think this issue has something to do with a boolean toggle button I am using to initiate a silkworm g-code generator. I suppose that could be because silkworm has not been updated in about 6 years. Usually when this has happened, I have had to restart Rhino entirely to get mouse click functionality back, although once it came back on it’s own.

It has happened to me once or twice. Never was able to pin point what it was and I don’t have silkworm. A restart always fixes it though.

There’s some bug in the button object that causes this. I have had it happen to me, but never under controlled circumstances. I’ve looked the code up and down, added failsafe measures, but I can’t be sure any of them had any effect. And based on this report, seems they didn’t…

Maybe it is the same thing I experienced I believe I reported it but I cannot find it now:

The scenario was the following. Double-click on the title bar of GH to make it collapse. Then don’t double click but drag it down. At this point mouse clicks fail.

Though I cannot repeat it with Rhino6.9

I have a better sense of the issue now. It seems to be happening with CAD Exporter from the TT Toolbox App (very likely that was the cause before too, since I have the same button triggering a DXF file for lasercutting, and a gcode file for 3d printing). If I click the button once, it locks up the mouse input. But apparently the one place I can still click within grasshopper at that point is on the button itself, because if I click it again, it frees things up again. For now I am able to solve the problem by simply activating the button twice in a row every time I use it, which is working okay for this application.

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It just has happened to me with Pufferfish bake component. Same behaviour as with Colby, thought I was done, but clicking on the button unfroze the mouse.

Hi, Pufferfish has no bake component.


Oh yeah, sorry mate, I got bamboozled :crazy_face:, Elefront, not pufferfish. But hey, pufferfish is awesoooome.

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Hi All,

I have been getting this problem on and off for a few years, both rh5 and rh6.

Sometimes this occurs where there is an ‘Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’, other times this occurs without an error message, using bake object components, elefront or heteroptera, where there is a bad object (INVALID) or a non-bakable object such as a number in a list.

When it occurs i cannot right click - pan or get the menu. But, i can still zoom my way around the canvas and I can also save the file. In RH5 i would be able to grasshopperunloadplugin and then just restart grasshopper - now i have to re-launch rhino (i have done this just today) and then open gh.

So it does not seem that gh is actually breaking, in my experience, but any number of plugins.


David, is it possible to reconsider bringing this back: ??



This issue is caused because of the button component you use. If the calculation after the click is heavy, due to the fact that this button component fires twice. It fires once when pressed and second time when released. This causes GH to break.

To test the scenario, press and hold the button until it finishes calculating. Then release and you will see no problem.

toggle is the better choice here.

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Hi Ivelin.

Do you think this includes buttons built into components, like in heteroptera or metahopper?

I cannot know that, I’m sorry. It depends how the clicking event is handled. Only the developer can say.

Nevertheless i would like to see an update in rhino that brings back:


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I’ve managed to reliably trigger this bug using this simple grasshopper script (attached). It is a simple embedded c# script with a button attached to it. The script just tells Rhino to run the “move” command. When you push the button, Rhino will initiate “move”. At that point, behavior is normal: Rhino carries out “move”. When you “enter” out of move on the Rhino side, then the grasshopper canvas loses track of mouse clicks. (5.7 KB)

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Anything that runs longer than the time it takes to click the button will cause this bug.

Happened again but this time without the button. It happened right after I drag selected some of the components, on a LMB release. Rhino viewport shows the preview, I can drag and drop, minimize GH, MMB but not LMB and RMB click.

It happened when I was working with Elefront.

A restart fixed the problem, repeating the actions didn’t recreate the problem :thinking:.