Weird (layered?) effect in Arctic mode Rh6

Hello, I am an every-day Rhino user since Rhino 4 came out in my student years. We use Rhino 6 as a design software exclusively in my Architectural office nowadays. So what I am focusing on is architectural models. I have noticed a weird effect on Rhino 6 Arctic mode ever since it came out, and I see it randomly appear in more than one PC. It appears only when I am working on Parallel projection, On perspective it is fine. I just thought I should post it here and see if anyone else spotted it. Please see attached Screenshots for reference.

This is what a facade I am working on currently looks like, pretty normal. Now let me zoom in on a window for instance.

Hmm. Now let me zoom in some more. out of curiosity.

Weird, right? anyone else seing this? It is not always there, and appears to 2-3 different computers with different configurations (one is a surface laptop 3 with i7 and has on-board iris graphics, and another has dedicated graphics, NVidia GTX, I would be glad to detail specs if deemed relevant, I just want to keep tis short for the moment).

It is not a tragic problem for this particular model, but I would be relieved somewhat if I knew what is causing it. Ideas? Thanks!